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Terms and Conditions for Users

‹SBS Global Terms and Conditions for Users›

Chapter 1 General Rules
Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) is to clearly state the basic conditions and procedures on using the services provided by the SBS and SBS Contents Hub Inc. (“Company”) in accordance to the Telecommunications Business Act, and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and information Protection, etc. of the Republic of Korea.

Article 2 (Effect and Change of the Terms)
  • 1. The Terms herein are notified by the Company via the service screen, and take effect upon a user’s agreement to them.
  • 2. The Company may set these Terms within the parameters of the Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act, the Telecommunications Business Act and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and information Protection, etc., and may modify them when necessary. The users who object to the modified version may at any time relinquish membership by following the procedure set forth by the Company.
  • 3. When the Company plans to modify the Terms, it shall notify effective date, grounds for modification and the current Terms on the start-up screen. The notification shall be posted seven days prior to the effective date till one day before it, and shall come into force as stated in Article2.1 above.
  • 4. Although the Terms are modified, the new version shall only apply to those contracts closed from the effective date onward while the contracts agreed before the modification shall be governed by the previous version. However, for the convenience of the users who desire the application of the modified Terms, users who have not been expressive of their objection to the modified Terms notified as in Article 2.3 above, shall be considered to be agreeing to the modified version in accordance to Article 2.1.
Article 3 (Rules Outside the Terms)

Issues not covered by the Terms herein or the interpretation of the Terms shall be dealt with in accordance to the Framework Act on Telecommunications, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and information Protection, etc., and other relevant regulations, or commercial practices.

Chapter 2 Registration, Modification and Secession
Article 4 (Registration)
  • 1. Users shall enter personal information in good faith according to the registration procedure set forth by the Company, and submit his or her application for membership by agreeing to the Terms. The Company, then, shall confirm the provided information via the validation procedure before granting membership.
  • 2. Children younger than 13 years old will not be granted membership.
  • 3. Among the users who applied for membership as in Article 4.2, the Company may allow registration for those who do not fall into any of the following categories:
    • 1) The applicant’s membership has been forfeited before.
      (Except when three years have passed since his or her losing membership, and the Company allowed re-registration)
    • 2) When the application information contains falsity, omission or misentry, or use of false name.
    • 3) When allowing membership as other member is considered to be substantially damaging to the provision of services by the Company.
    • 4) When it is impossible for the Company to send emails using the email address provided by an applicant at the time of initial registration, or emailing to that address incurs a cost.
  • 4. Upon registration, the Company collects and uses users’ personal information as follows, in order to validate user information, send gifts, or to optimize the services that best meet users’ needs based on statistical analysis.
    • 1) Information provided during membership application: name, email address, gender, birth date, phone number, address and etc.
    • 2) Such personal information collected in the process of registration shall be owned by the Company until secession. The procedure after the secession shall be in compliance with Article 6.
Article 5 (Modification of User Information)
  • 1. When there is any change in the user information provided at the time of registration, users should modify it online by themselves, or may ask a manager to make the change on their behalf. Users shall be responsible for all or any inconveniences caused by his or her failure to modify the information.
  • 2. When it is impossible for the Company to send emails using the email address provided by a user at the time of initial registration, or emailing to that address incurs a cost, the Company may request them to change the email address, or allocate a specific email address for them.
Article 6 (Relinquishing or Forfeiting of Membership, and Limited Service, Etc.)
  • 1. A user may request secession of membership if he or she wishes to, and the Company shall immediately process the request in accordance to the relevant Company procedure.
  • 2. When a user voluntarily relinquishes his or her membership, the Company should remove all of the user information within one month of the succession date in accordance to relevant regulations.
  • 3. The Company may limit or suspend membership if a user falls into one or more of the following categories:
    • 1) When the information provided at the time of registration contains falsity, or the registration did not go through the Company’s validation process.
    • 2) When a user poses a threat to the orderly use of e-commerce and telecommunications services by obstructing other users in the use of services, defaming or stealing data from others, etc.
    • 3) When a user obstruct the Company in the course of service operation by, for example, altering the information provided by the Company.
    • 4) When a user conducts in a manner that is in violation of the relevant Acts and the Terms herein or in offence of public morality, or violates the conditions for service use stipulated by the Company
  • 5. If a user fails to adjust even after the imposition of membership suspension or limited service, the Company may forfeit his or her membership.
  • 6. When the Company forfeits a user’s membership the user registration is nullified, which shall then be notified to the user. The user is given an opportunity to comment before his or her registration is cancelled.
  • 7. If stats show that a user has not logged in for one year in a row, the Company may forfeit membership.
Chapter 3 Provision and Use of Services
Article 7 (Use and Provision of Services, Service Hours and Suspension)
  • 1. The use of services should be available 24-7 with no stoppage of service on holidays, except for administrative or technical emergencies. However, service could be suspended for a period of time set by the Company for management purposes (regular server check-up or repair). On such occasions, the Company shall give notification in advance or afterward.
  • 2. The Company may suspend its service on occasions as follows:
    • 1) When repair work for service facility is underway.
    • 2) When a key telecommunications business operator registered based on the Telecommunications Business Act stops telecommunications service.
    • 3) When service becomes unavailable due to a system glitch or a surge in use.
    • 4) In the case of force majeure
  • 3. For the sake of reliable provision of service, the Company may use the data distribution solution, in which data is transmitted to other users by way of another user’s PC or network resources.
Article 8 (Obligations on Personal Information, ID and Password)
  • 1. During registration, a user should provided information that is fully consistent with the current facts (“registration info”). Also, a user is required to modify his or her registration info as soon as a change occurs. If the registration info is found to have falsity (i.e. borrowed name or false name, etc.), or there are reasonable grounds for suspicion, the Company may suspend the entire or part of the service, and shall not be responsible for any consequences due to the service stoppage.
  • 2. Once a user completes the registration procedure, he or she will be allocated a user account and a password. If a user gets notice of his or her password and ID being used without their permission, the user should report to the Company immediately, and also ensure that they log out after using the service.
  • 3. If a user posted, transmitted or obtained other users’ personal information or data of all sorts illegally or by such means as email, the user will bear the full responsibility, and the Company shall not be hold accountable.
  • 4. A user is responsible for the management of their own ID and password, except when the Company takes responsibility as stated in the relevant laws or the “Privacy Policy”.
  • 5. A user should not allow a third party to use his or her ID or password.
  • 6. When a user becomes aware that their ID or password has been stolen or is being used by a third party, they should report this to the Company immediately, or follow relevant instructions.
Article 9 (Protection of Intellectual Property Right)
  • 1. All copyrights and other intellectual property rights on content created by the Company are owned by the Company. Reproduction, transmission or distribution of content outside the service is prohibited.
  • 2. Users are not allowed to use the service for any commercial purposes by, for example, modifying or selling the content.
  • 3. The Company prohibits users from using all or any content and services provided by the Company by way of simple link or any other electrical methods, whether or not it is for commercial purposes. Although certain services are exempt from this rule, they should still be used in compliance with the methods and procedures set by the Company.


This Terms and conditions for users come into force as of August 17, 2012.