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Privacy Policy

Chapter 1 Privacy Protection
Article 1 (Privacy Policy)

The Company’s Privacy Policy complies with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and information Protection, etc. Pertinent regulations were written on August 17, 2012 and are now available on the Company’s website.

Chapter 2 Responsibilities
Article 2 (Company’s Responsibilities)
  • 1.The Company shall not practice any that the terms herein prohibit, and make faithful efforts to provide services in a
    continuous and reliable manner as set forth by the terms.
  • 2.When applying for membership, a user will be required to agree on the Services Terms and Conditions containing the Privacy Policy by clicking on [agree], which will then be considered by the Company as agreeing to the collection of personal information.
  • 3. The Company shall take the measures needed to protect and manage users’ personal information for safe use of services.
  • 4. The Company shall not leak or distribute users’ personal information to a third party without his or her consent, with the exception of such circumstances as below:
    • a. When a government organization makes a request for information according to such regulations as the Framework Act on Telecommunications.
    • b. When the information is needed for the investigation of a crime, or the Information and Communication Ethics Committee makes a request for information.
    • c. When a request is made based on other pertinent regulations.
  • 5. The Company can produce and use documents on all or part of users’ personal information in order to process services, and may transmit cookies to users’ computers through services.
Article 3 (Users’ Responsibilities)
  • 1. A user shall comply with all and any instructions, and service guidelines and cautions set forth by the terms herein.
  • 2. A user shall only provide and maintain information that is true, accurate and consistent with the current facts when filling out the membership application.
  • 3. A user bears the responsibility to manage his or her own ID and password, and shall be responsible for any consequences caused by poor management of such data on their part.
  • 4. A user shall not allow a third party to use his or her ID and password. When a user’s ID or password is stolen, or a user becomes aware of a third party using their log-on data, the user must report to the Company immediately, and follow instructions when necessary.
  • 5. A user is prohibited from using for any commercial purposes all and any services and content provided by the Company without prior consent.
  • 6. A user cannot lease or sell for any commercial purposes all and any software provided by the Company, nor can they use such software to provide commercial services.
  • 7. A user cannot edit nor process software or related documents provided by the Company by way of modification, translation, reverse-compiling, reverse-engineering or other manipulations.
  • 8. A user cannot use or allow a third party to use the information obtained by using the Company’s services for any commercial purposes, by copying, transferring, publishing, distributing or broadcasting without permission by the Company.
  • 9. User Code of Conduct
    • 1) A user shall be responsible for the postings and content he or she uploaded via the Company’s service.
    • 2) A user shall not be involved in any illegalities, harm or defame others.
    • 3) A user shall not misuse others’ personal information after collecting or storing it.
Chapter 3 Others
Article 4 (Dispute Resolution and Others)
  • 1. The Company shall respond to opinions or complaints fairly presented by users in an appropriate and swift manner.
  • 2. When a user’s complaint cannot be responded in a timely manner, the Company shall notify the user of grounds for delay in execution and execution plans.
Article 5 (Damages)

The Company is not responsible for all or any damages upon users using the services unless they are caused by intentional or gross negligence on the part of the Company.

Article 6 (Exemptions)
  • 1. The Company shall not be hold accountable for any damages upon users caused by reasons not attributable to the Company.
  • 2. The Company is exempt from responsibility for inability to provide services if it is based on the reasons stated in the terms herein.
  • 3. The Company does not bear surety liability for any of its linked websites, nor is it responsible for any transactions effected between these linked websites and users.
  • 4. The Company is exempt from responsibility for service malfunction caused by reasons attributed to users.
  • 5. The Company is not responsible for the reliability and accuracy of the data, documents and facts posted by users.
  • 6. There is no guarantee that a given service or digital content will fully satisfy a specific goal or a certain need. Thus, the Company shall not be hold accountable for any user dissatisfaction on service quality, performance, accuracy or degree of service efforts
Article 7 (Dispute Resolution)
  • 1. Users shall resolve any claim, cause of action or dispute (“claim”) they have with the Company arising out of or relating to the terms herein or the Company in a court located in Seoul, Korea. The laws of the Republic of Korea shall govern the terms herein, as well as any claim that might arise between users and the Company without regard to conflict of law provisions. You must agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the courts located in Seoul, Korea for the purpose of litigation all such claims.
  • 2. When the Company is obviously responsible for an issue, users are advised to contact the Company for amicable resolution before bringing a claim against the Company.


This Privacy Policy comes into force as of August 17, 2012.