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  • Total Episodes 24 eps * 70 min
  • Directed by Lee Yong-seok
  • Written by Kim I-yeong
  • TX Dates 2019.02.11 ~ 2019.04.30


It is the 18th century, and Prince Lee Geum(Yeoning-gun) is the new leader of Chosun, destined to establish a new kingdom and open the path to reform. Formerly a palace outsider and son to a commoner mother, Lee Geum teams up with Park Mun-su, later to be named the greatest undercover emissary for the king in history, Dal-mun, a local roughneck, and Yeo-ji, a female inspector working at Saheonbu, to ultimately be named the king. By reforming Chosun’s Saheonbu, which today would be known as the prosecutor’s office of Korea, Lee Geum brought justice to his era. This is his story of adventure and of rousing success.

  • Prince Lee Geum / Jung Il-woo

  • Yeo-ji / Go Ara

  • Park Mun-su / Kwon Yul

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