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The Fiery Priest

  • Total Episodes 20 eps * 70 min
  • Directed by Lee Myeong-u
  • Written by Park Jae-beom
  • TX Dates 2019.02.15 ~ 2019.04.20


Extreme comic detective story Kim Hae-il, catholic priest with anger management issues! GuDae-yeong, biggest pushover at Gudam Police station! The murder of an old priest brings them together. They somehow end up working together on the investigation and end up crushing a cartel of institutional, welfare, and cult leaders. - The Fiery Priest is a tale of local justice! - The Fiery Priest is a comedy before all else!

  • Kim Hae-il / Kim Nam-gil

  • Gu Dae-yeong / Kim Sung-kyun

  • Park Gyeong-seon / Hanee Lee

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