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The Secret Life of My Secretary

  • Total Episodes 16 eps * 70 min
  • Directed by Lee Kwang-young
  • Written by Kim Ah-jung
  • TX Dates 2019.05.06 ~


- Romance One man is in love with two women: one is his secretary, while the other, the heiress of a major conglomerate, is the woman who their families expect him to marry. In the end, the two women turn out to actually be the same person. However, the man is clueless about this, and is deeply conflicted between the two women while each becomes jealous of the other. - Mystery (horror) Although the boss has seen the face of the person who attacked him with a box cutter, he suffers from a disorder that makes him unable to recognize faces, and he cannot identify the criminal. Therefore, the mystery unfolds among the people whose faces he cannot recognize as he chases after the culprit. - The overturning of social roles Although the boss should be above his secretary, after he loses his ability to recognize faces, his secretary becomes his eyes and develops into one of his most trusted people, even though she is still just his secretary. The tables turn and before long, the boss becomes completely dependent on her and cannot get anything done without her.

  • Do Min-ik / Kim Young-kwang

  • Jung Kal-hee / Jin Ki-joo

  • Ki Dae-joo / Koo Ja-sung

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