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The Nokdu Flower

  • Total Episodes 24 eps * 70 min
  • Directed by Shin Kyung-soo
  • Written by Jeong Hyunmin
  • TX Dates 2019.04.26 ~


Celebrating the 125-year anniversary of the Dong-hak Peasant Rebellion and the 100-year anniversary of the March First Independence Movement of Korea with this special, traditional historical drama. A riveting tale featuring two half-brothers from separate mothers who are forced to fight on opposite sides of the battles that took place in 1894 during the Dong-hak Peasant Revolution.

  • Baek Yi-kang / Jo Jung-suk

  • Baek Yi-hyun / Yoon Shi-yoon

  • Song Ja-in / Han Ye-ri

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