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Still 17

  • Total Episodes 16 eps * 70 min
  • Directed by Jo Su-won
  • Written by Jo Seong-hui
  • TX Dates 2018.07.23 ~


17-year-old U-jin has a crush on a girl whom he runs into on the bus often. One day, he sees the name written on her PE uniform and learns her name is Noh Su-mi. (But it was actually Wu Seo-ri wearing her best friend Noh Su-mi’s PE uniform). The girl asks U-jin where to get off to go to a concert hall and he tells her that it’s the next stop. He soon regrets his answer. He tells her it is actually the stop after that so he can buy time to work up the courage to confess his love. Right when he’s about to do so, Seo-ri’s friend, Su-mi, shows up and asks, “Who’s this guy?” He freezes in place and rushes to get off the bus to save face.

  • Wu Seo-ri / Shin Hye-sun

  • Gong U-jin / Yang Se-jong

  • Yu-chan

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