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  • Total Episodes 17 eps * 70 min
  • Directed by Ju Dong-min
  • Written by Choi Gyeong-mi
  • TX Dates 2018.01.17 ~


A lawyer that started poor, a traditional licensed lawyer and a thuggish detective’s search for the truth! This drama features the late blooming lawyer that started poor, Cha Ja-hye and wife of the upper-class murder scandal suspect and traditional licensed lawyer Geum Na-ra. These two lawyers have both taken the case for the upper-class murder in this legal thriller. Thuggish detective Dokgo Yeong gets involved while investigating a drug manufacturer.

  • Choi Ja-hye / Go Hyun-jung

  • Geum Na-ra / Jeong Eun-chae

  • Dokgo Yeong / Lee Jin-wook

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