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Happy Sisters

  • Total Episodes 120 eps * 40 min
  • Directed by Ko Heung-shik, Min Young-hong
  • Written by Han Young-mi
  • TX Dates 2017.12.04 ~


“The cheerful, refreshing, satisfying happy virus of women of our time will begin!” A woman becomes someone’s wife, mother, daughter, and daughter-in-law. But a woman is a woman before anything else. With that in mind, what do women live for? The reason women live and breathe is love. Women live to love and to be loved. Unfortunately, women become empty and lonely when they are not filled with love. But does true love that makes women genuinely happy really exist in today’s world? “Happy Sisters” was produced to share the lively happy virus by illustrating the beautiful and fierce process of how women today love, which helps them discover their identities. “Happy Sisters” will be a cheerful, refreshing, satisfying drama that gives hope and happiness to those who are tired and weary of living in today’s world.

  • Yoon Ye-Eun / Shim Yi-Young

  • Yoon Sang-eun / Han Young

  • Lee Se-ran / Hur Eunjung

  • Lee Byeong-sook / Lee Ye-bin

  • Ko Da-hong / Bo Rana

  • Jo Hwa-young / Ban Soyoung

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