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Oh The Mysterious

  • Total Episodes 60 eps * 70 min
  • Directed by Shin Gyeong-su
  • Written by Lee Hyeon-ju
  • TX Dates 2017.10.21 ~


The only female member and face of the Regional Investigation Unit, Jin Jin-yeong has no manners and doesn’t know the meaning of compromising nor making sacrifices, so everyone tries to avoid her. But this doesn’t mean she is a bad cop. She entered and graduated first in her class from the Police Academy and is great at combat, so she has the best arrest record in the department. She came from a very rich family, but that is in the past. When her dad passed away 10 years ago, her family lost their entire fortune. The police concluded her dad’s death as a suicide driven by his company’s bankruptcy, but she knows her dad didn’t kill himself. Thus she decided to investigate the case herself and became a cop. But no matter how hard she dug, nothing came out of it, so she gave up a long time ago. That was when she met him. Like a fishbone caught in her throat, the man stung her and made her wonder. She used to remember him as a thug named Kim Jong-sam, but now he calls himself Oh Il-seung, a cop.

  • Oh Il-seung / Yun Kyun-sang

  • Jin Jin-yeong / Jung Hye-sung

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