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Love Temperature

  • Total Episodes 20 eps * 70 min
  • Directed by Nam Gun
  • Written by Ha Myung-hee
  • TX Dates 2017.09.18 ~


Temperature is important in cooking. There is an optimal temperature for romance, too. The trouble is that temperature has to match for a man and a woman to fall in love. For Hyeon-su and Jeong-seon, their timing was off, and they each realized they were in love with each other at different times. Even in hard times, we still fall in love, and this drama series tells us never to miss the timing when it comes to falling in love.烹饪讲究温度,而爱情亦有最适宜的温度。恋爱时最重要的是男女要心灵相通,在同一刻保持相同的温度。贤秀和正善都错过了感受对方真爱的最佳时机,总是慢了那么一步,或是快了那么一步。这部电视剧想要呈现的是在这个不敢轻易恋爱的时代,决不能错过相爱的最佳时机。

  • Lee Hyeon-su / Seo Hyun-jin

  • On Jeong-seon / Yang Se-jong

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