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Sweet Enemy

  • Total Episodes 120 eps * 40 min
  • Directed by Lee Hyeon-jik
  • Written by Baek Yeong-suk
  • TX Dates 2017.06.12 ~


‘Sweet Enemy’ portrays Oh Dal-lim who gets framed for murder. She faces the world filled with lies and prejudice to find the truth and get revenge on the people who wronged her. Oh Dal-lim (Park Eun-hye) She is a witch-like butcher who wields knives freely. One day, she gets into an argument with Jae-hui, who comes to the restaurant as a customer, and ends up at the police station. She goes to Jae-hui’s country house to resolve the issue but ends up being framed for murder. She loses everything yet stands up against lies and prejudice in search of her dreams and love. Choi Seon-ho (Yu Gun) He is Mr. Perfect. He is well-educated, talented, handsome and comes from a rich and powerful family. However, he suddenly loses his fiancee Jae-hui. Believing that Dal-lim is the murderer, Seon-ho considers Dal-lim his enemy. But he gradually realizes that Dal-lim was framed, and his hatred for her grows into love.

  • Oh Dal-lim / Park Eun-hye

  • Choi Seon-ho / Yu Gun

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