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Band of Sisters

  • Total Episodes 50 eps * 70 min
  • Directed by Choi Yeonghun
  • Written by Kim Sunok
  • TX Dates 2017.04.15 ~


- What was your most dangerous, life-threatening experience? - Have you been in a harrowing split-second life-or-death situation? - This TV drama begins with three women each awaiting an emergency vehicle in the most harrowing moment of their lives - A women’s drama about the friendship and mutual support between three women bearing the same sorrow and grief - Co-parenting drama in which three women raise Hongsi, who isn’t related to them, as if she were their own flesh and blood - Alternative family drama where in-laws who were once uncomfortable housemates become accepted as parents and family - Family-making drama in which a man becomes like a real son to his late friend’s parents

  • Min Deullae / Jang Seohee

  • Kim Eunhyang / Oh Yoonah

  • Kang Hari / Kim Juhyeon

  • Yang Dalhui / Dasom

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