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Super Family

  • Total Episodes 40 eps * 35 min
  • Directed by Jin In
  • Written by Choi Mu-seok
  • TX Dates 2017.02.20 ~


The story of average 80% people of Korea’s middle class, who outshine the top 1% and whose lives are more heart wrenching than the lowest 1%. The story of our very neighbors who struggle to make ends meets as they worry about rent, utility bills, what to wear to work in the mornings and what to eat for their meals.

  • Na Cheon-il / Park Hyeok-gwon

  • Maeng Ra-yeong / Park Seon-yeong

  • Na Ik-hui / Kim Ji-min

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Monument Valley A scenic shot of Monument Valley in Utah. Photo added on Jan 1, 1970