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SBS ContentsHub intends to grow into a leading international comprehensive content distribution company which operates as a contend distribution hub responsible for planning, circulation and distribution concerning content from SBS Media Group, as well as creates value from content in the entertainment industry, including movie, animation, game, music, and characters.
We hope to become everyone’s beloved company bybuilding and maintainingpositivepartnership with stakeholders, and strengthening our market position through the right entrepreneurial spirit that values social responsibility,


“Provide value to our customers by optimizing content-media combination.”It is true that the special quality of ‘content’ and ‘media’ is that they are always combined. We use a specific word “optimization” because we produce and select content that meet our customer’s needs and we guide simple usage of it,regardless of the natural quality of content and media. We also provide content adapted to suit individual tastes at a reasonable price, and all of the above are to be included in optimization of content and media. SBS ContentsHub’s mission is to provide high quality life to all our customers through these activities.

Business Area

SBS ContentsHub, the only content management company in Korea, is continuing itseffort in optimizing content distribution and creating value- added content.

Content Business

We distribute content from SBS Group to various channels including terrestrialtelevision(abroad), CATV, IPTV, Mobile and WEB in Asia including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and Singapore. We also continue in our efforts to maximize the value of content through transparent and optimized distribution policy. Based on distribution know-how of SBS Group, we introduced optimized content management system such as production, distribution and value-added services, andwe are making progress on the glocalization of content and channels in Japan, China and Southeast Asia in order to expand our businessoverseas.
Consolidating movie-related works,we have become one of the leading new media movie
suppliersbyparticipating in investment, distribution and circulation of new media such as
Web, IPTV, and buying service of movie copyright for TV broadcasting.

Media Business

We are improving our content control function and creating solid profits by producing and operating theContent Platform(point of contact for consumers), and through the use of synergy in advertising business,we are continuing to discover new business model.

In addition, we started the first paid VOD business in Korea, and we are the first domestic broadcasting company to have started TV Portal (IPTV) service.With these pioneering work in media market, we are developing new media or device including data broadcasting, mobile, DMB, IPTV and etc.